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Secure Business Class Email

Need reliable business class email with encryption?

As a Microsoft Partner, we can help you get started with Microsoft Exchange Online.  It's the same platform used by many large corporations around the world. In fact, we also use the same email platform. For as little as $72 per email account, you can have a professional email account that includes encryption services.

As a dental office, you need to make sure you protect any patient information you email from your office.  Are you still using an AOL, Gmail or Yahoo account for your office email?  If so, it's time to make a change NOW!  Consumer based free webmail accounts do not look professional AND are NOT SECURE.  You as the sender are responsible for securing your patient data and any identifiable patient information you send via email must be sent via a secure email platform such as Microsoft Exchange Online and Office 365 encryption.

How does Office 365 Encryption work?

With Business-class email from Microsoft, you get a large 50GB mailbox that allows you to store and send large attachment such as X-rays without running into size limits.

We can setup the Microsoft account with you and configure the environment to allow you to encrypt emails so you can protect your patient data. You can obtain a new Internet domain or keep your existing domain (  If you choose to keep your existing Internet domain, our team can migrate your emails from one platform to another.  In addition to gaining encryption services, each mailbox is also kept in sync so that it can be accessed from any PC or Mac via a web browser, Microsoft Outlook or via any mobile device such as an iPhone, iPad or Android device.